Brown Diatom Algae Control
March 30, 2010 – 5:48 am | No Comment

What are Brown distom algae? Why do they grow in our aquarium and how to get rid of them. In this post you will find valuable information about this algae and how to control them.

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Hairy mushroom – Rhodactis Coral
March 27, 2009 – 9:18 am | No Comment
Hairy mushroom – Rhodactis Coral

Common species: Coming soon
Common Names: Tonga blue mushroom, bullseye mushroom, hairy mushroom, elephant ear mushroom, metalic mushroom
Lighting: Medium to high. Rhodactis can be kept under high output fluorescent bulbs, but may benefit from more intense …

Ricordea Coral
March 27, 2009 – 8:58 am | No Comment
Ricordea Coral

Common species: R. Florida, R. Yuma
Common Names: None
Lighting: Requires at least moderate light levels. Very high intensity lighting may cause the colors to fade somewhat. R. Yuma will require dim light.
Aggressiveness: Moderate. Growth pattern can …

Sun Coral – Tubastrea faulkneri
March 24, 2009 – 6:18 am | 2 Comments
Sun Coral – Tubastrea faulkneri

Species name: Tubastrea faulkneri
Common names: yellow or orange sun coral, orange or yellow sun polyp, black sun coral
Type of coral: Large Polyp Stony corals (LPS)
Family: Dendrophylliidae
Order: Scleractinia
Class: Anthozoa
Hardiness: Medium.